Monday, January 30, 2012

Putting a modern spin on the 50's Housewife...

What comes to mind when I say to you, "50's Housewife".  I'll tell you what used to come to my mind when I heard that...  Words and phrases like: opressed, depressed, I want to shoot myself, my husband makes ALL the rules, my children run over me.  I may be taking it to the extreme but you get the general feeling.  Not many people have something positive to say about traditional housewives. 

I can't really decide what I would describe myself as...  I feel like a modern day, traditional housewife.  I know that's a bit confusing so I'll try to explain what I mean.  I am a stay at home wife and mother, I do not have a job outside of my home.  I have a ton of jobs inside my home though!  I love the feeling I get from providing my family with a comfortable home and delicious meals. 

It used to offend me when someone would say "You're just a mom?" or "You're a housewife?" like it's such a terrible thing.  I've since gotten over that.  I may not be curing cancer or saving the world but I do make a difference in people's lives.  I make a difference to the people that matter the most to me. 

Recently our entire family had the stomach flu...  It was horrible.  But even though I felt like dirt I was happy to know that because of me, my kids were hugging a clean toilet instead of a dirty one because I had cleaned it.  There was plenty of toilet paper and wet wipes because I kept our home stocked with the things we need.  We had clean and comfortable beds because I keep the sheets freshly changed.  I know that I made their being sick just a bit easier for them.

That's what a modern day housewife is to me.  Comfort to my children and husband.  Support and love.  It's nothing negative and I am certainly not oppressed.  To be honest, I'm a bit spoiled.  My husband does not keep me from anything, not even my bi-weekly manicure, and for that I'm truly greatful!