Saturday, February 2, 2013

I am thankful...

Today the Hubbs and I experienced a little bit of a let down, it's a small thing in the grand scheme of things really.  I don't want to go into detail because it's a personal matter but don't worry, it's really not a terrible tragedy.  Just a disappointment. 

Every time I go through any kind of negative thing, the optimist in me immediately starts reminding me of all the wonderful things in my life.  Without even trying, I start automatically going over everything I have to be thankful for.  A part of me wants to sit down and list them out, usually I do that on a sheet of paper but today I decided to write a blog about it.

What am I thankful for?  I'm so glad you asked...

I'm thankful for my Hubbs, he's there for me every single day.  He works so hard to provide for his family and he is the single, steady, constant in my life.  I can always count on him and he will always do his very best to help me however he can. I grew up in a family where everything was chaotic and my father was never there, ever.  The only person that I could really count on to be there was my mom and she's not here anymore.  Without the Hubbs, I would be lost.

I'm thankful for my beautiful bebies.  They do test my patience but they are worth every bit of stress.  They're happy and healthy, they love me unconditionally.  No matter how many times I may snap at them or say "Not right now, I'm busy," they always have a hug and a kiss for their Momma.  I do try my best to not snap or say "Not right now" but I'm not always successful.  They're extremely well behaved, well mannered, understanding, forgiving children!

I'm thankful for our home, where we celebrate all of our holidays, birthdays, and every-days.  It may be a bit of a fixer upper but it keeps us warm and sheltered.  There is plenty of room for all of our family and stuff, we have a wonderful yard for our kiddos and pets to play in.  Growing up in a single wide trailer really helps me appreciate this.  Some people look at our house and see that it needs remodeled (we're in the slow process) but I just look at it and smile.  I know that my mom would have been extremely proud and that makes me proud.

I'm thankful for our fur babies.  They keep me company when the hubbs and kiddos are gone.  They are always there with a wagging tail whenever I'm feeling blue.  They're truly a part of our family and we'll be heart broken whenever they leave us.

I'm thankful for a kitchen stocked well with food.  I often remember that there are so many people going to bed hungry tonight.  So many children dying from starvation.  How can anyone be upset over their own petty problems when they thing about things like that? Every day we have breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks we want in between.  We have sweets for dessert and plenty of different types of drinks.  We many not be eating filet mingnon but at least we're eating!

I'm thankful for amazing friends that we can laugh and cry with.  Your friends are the family that you get to choose.  They are the people that you want to spend time with just because, not because you were born into a relationship with them.  They support you, listen and laugh with you.  I don't have hundreds of friends, but the ones that I do are friends for life.  I appreciate each one of them!  (Gotta give a shout out to my Golden Girls!)

I'm thankful for a strong and healthy body.  I push my body everyday during my workout and sometimes I have to take a break or get frustrated but I keep going.  Because there are people out there who can't work their bodies, there are sick people, people with no legs, people dying with cancer.  How can I sit in my chair like a lump on a log when there are people out there wishing they could push their body to their limits?  Working out is a privilege and I take full advantage of it.  It makes me a healthier and happier person and my whole family benefits from that.

With all of this to be grateful for, it's much easier to smile than it is frown.  I am truly a blessed person!  I'm wondering...  What are you guys thankful for?  Make a list (on paper, mentally, on the computer, on here, anywhere) of all the things you are grateful for.  I promise, it'll make you smile!