Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's A Numbers Game - The Short Version

If you follow this blog or my facebook page, then you know that a few days ago I posted a blog detailing our financial woes and my extreme lack of money management skills.  Well earlier today I finished up a post I spent days working on, it was our budget plan.  It ended up being VERY long and I decided to write out a shorter version.  If you want to see the more detailed blog, just click here.

All of the numbers I'm going to post here will be rounded to make it even and to simplify things.  More exact numbers are in the other post.  OK let's get started!

Our total monthly income is after taxes and our house payment is $3060, $1530 every two weeks.

The total of our monthly bills:  $1550, or $775 per pay period.
Our food budget:  $500 a month, $250 per pay period, $125 a week.
My hubbs meds:  $250 a month, $125 per pay period. 
Hubbs book fund:  $200 a month, $100 per pay period.
Savings:  $200 a month, $100 per pay period. 
Misc. Spending: $360 a month, $180 a pay period, $90 a week.

Total:  $3060 which means I've budget out every dollar we have incoming.  It gives me a feeling of structure and security.  Knowing that we will have a little bit of money for miscellaneous spending also comforts me.  Everything extra we need will be coming out of that, gas money, my son's dentist appointment next week, I mean everything.

I hope this was an easier read than the first one, I know it's much shorter!  I hope you guys are having a great weekend with your families! 

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