Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Where oh where has our housewife gone?

Hello Everyone!  That is if there is still anyone checking this blog...  I told you in the beginning that I have a tendency to get a little sidetracked.  As usual, I find myself thinking "Oh man I need to write a blog!" while I'm doing my daily routine and then I tell myself "Well I can't do it now, I don't have enough time!".  So today when I thought about it, I just stopped what I was doing and sat down to write. 

What have I been up to these past couple of months?  Well pretty much the same ol stuff.  Taking care of my bebies, hubbs, home, and pets.  One small thing is different though!  I've started taking a photography class online.  It's something that has always interested me and I decided to do it because I love taking photos of my kiddos.  I figured I have a decent camera, why not learn to take better photos?  It's been a lot of fun...  I'm taking so many more photos of our kids and that's great because now we'll have them to look back on when they are all grown up.  I was really disappointed with their school portraits this year so we took them out and did our own!  They turned out so much better...  The school photos always have forced smiles and I don't think they really capture the kids personalities.  We went outside, played in the leaves and just had fun.  Now we have photos where they are really smiling, playing, and having fun.  Plus we have the memories of taking the photos.  It was great!  =)   I'll show you what I mean!  Here are their proofs from their school portrait, now these are photos of photos so they do look a bit better in person but I just wanted to give you a general idea... 

 And here are the photos that I took and ordered...

Photos of my beautiful bebies that I am proud to hang on my wall.  They grow so quickly it amazes me! 
Fall is officially here...  It's my favorite time of year!  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, all of our family comes here to our house for dinner and we spend time just being thankful.  We're the only ones with kiddos so everyone comes together here.  It's a blessing and I love cooking for everyone! 
I wanted to keep this shortish today, I'm going to try to commit to blogging at least once a week although I'd love to do it every day or every other day.  If I don't cram everything into one post I think I'll be more likely to post sooner!  It was great to sit down for a few minutes and catch up on things.  Thank you guys for sticking with me through the slow times! =)  See you again soon I hope!

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