Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals for the Week of 01/14/13

Goal setting is a fairly new concept to me, I've only been doing it for about six weeks now.  As I mentioned before, I'm not big on New Years resolutions.  Mostly because I have gotten over zealous with them before and ended up falling flat on my face.  Which makes you feel like a giant lump of dirt and that's just unpleasant.  I had no intentions of making New Years resolutions this year...  I did end up making one, yes just one.  It's pretty simple...  Get into bed by 11:30PM on weekdays and 12:30PM on weekends.

So far, that's been fantastic!  I've stuck with it every single night this year, so 13 days (not counting tonight yet) and going strong!  It's wonderful waking up and not feeling like a mombie.  I'm actually waking up at 5:30 without hitting snooze ten times and then being late.  I'm nicer to my kiddos in the morning because I'm giving myself time to wake up before I get them up.  I'm not taking a nap during the day so I am much more productive.  It's made a lot of positive changes that I didn't see coming.  I'm thankful for that... 

Have you heard of Money Saving Mom?  I recently found her on Facebook and she's been a huge inspiration to me in many aspects of my life.  Mostly in the parenting/marriage aspect.  She's such a wonderful wife and mother!  Well if you've seen her blog before, you may think of her when you read my goals.  She always posts her weekly goals and I love reading them so I've decided to share mine with you!  Let's not waste anymore time...

My Goals for the Week of 01/14/13

 - Have family dinner four times.  (This is something we used to do every night but somehow have gotten out of the habit of!)
 - Continue Participating in the Love Challenge.
 - Have one at home date night.
 - Spend at least 15 minutes per child, just talking with them. (Ongoing)

 - Finalize Cleaning Lists (Daily/Weekly/Monthly.
 - Print & Laminate Cleaning Lists.
 - Review budget.

 - Follow my healthy meal plan. (Ongoing)
 - Exercise 6 days.
 - Continue reading Frumps to Pumps.
 - Continue reading Becoming the 1%: How You Can Instantly Supercharge Your Mornings.

 - Edit daily chapter for Hubbs.
 - Edit Photos (From Christmas - Yikes!)
 - Take down the Christmas tree. (Ornaments one day, lights/garland another, and finally deconstructing the tree) 

There they are...  My weekly goals!  Do you make daily/weekly/monthly/yearly goals?  Want to share them with us?  Comment here on the blog or come leave a comment on facebook!  I hope you have a super productive week! <3

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