Monday, January 21, 2013

Goals for the Week of 01/21/13

Well last weeks goals were kind of a let down...  I really didn't get as many of them done as I would have liked to.  But I don't let myself dwell on that!  I just add them to the new list this week and then I set out with even more determination than I had before.  Here's a recap of last week's list...

My Goals for the Week of 01/14/13

 - Have family dinner four times.  (This is something we used to do every night but somehow have gotten out of the habit of!) - Sadly we did not accomplish this but will try again this week!
 - Continue Participating in the Love Challenge.  - This is actually called The Love Dare!
 - Have one at home date night.  Grandma took the kiddos and we spent an evening cuddling and watching The Big Bang Theory together...  It was wonderful! =)
 - Spend at least 15 minutes daily per child, just talking with them. (Ongoing)
 - Finalize Cleaning Lists (Daily/Weekly/Monthly) - Still need to finish up monthly!
 - Print & Laminate Cleaning Lists. - Didn't get any of this done >.<
 - Review budget.
 - Follow my healthy meal plan. (Ongoing) - Failed pretty miserably here, 3 out of 7! >.<
 - Exercise 6 days. - Got 5 out of 6 so we'll call that a win!
 - Continue reading Frumps to Pumps.
 - Continue reading Becoming the 1%: How You Can Instantly Supercharge Your Mornings.

 - Edit daily chapter for Hubbs. - Didn't do very well here either...  3 out of 5.
 - Edit Photos (From Christmas - Yikes!) - I marked this off about mid week because I knew I wouldn't get to it.
 - Take down the Christmas tree. (Ornaments one day, lights/garland another, and finally deconstructing the tree) As you know, we decided to keep the tree up!  I did get all of the Christmas ornaments and lights off, we made a few valentines ornaments and some heart garland but have much more to make still.

All in all, I'd say it was a good week!  We did get some things done so I don't feel like it was just a wasted/stagnant week.  We're moving forward no matter the pace...  I'm looking forward to a fantastic week this week though! 

Goals for the Week of 01/21/13

 - Family dinner 3x/week (starting smaller this week!).
 - Date night 1x/week.
 - Continue The Love Dare - I'm on day 7 out of 40, it's a Monday through Friday project.
 - Spend at least 15 minutes daily with each child, just talking and listening to them. (Ongoing)

 - Finalize monthly cleaning list.
 - Share lists with Facebook and Blog.
 - Print/Laminate cleaning lists.
 - Make more Valentine's tree decorations with kiddos.

 - Follow weekly meal plan.
 - Exercise 6x/week. 
 - Continue reading Frumps to Pumps. - This is also a Monday through Friday project, on Day 7 out of 20.
 - Finish reading Becoming the 1%: How You Can Instantly Supercharge Your Mornings.

 - Edit Hubbs book daily. (Monday through Friday)

A lot of these are repeats and I'm OK with that...  There are a lot of things that will be ongoing through the year and that's a good thing.  When you find something you like or something that works for your family, you have to stick to it.  You can't just do it for a while and then give up!  If there is something that's hard for you or you're new to goal setting (like me!) remember to set manageable goals.  Tiny little bite sized things that you can actually accomplish.  It'll give you a great feeling of pride just doing something small!  Be proud and celebrate your achievements.  =)

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  1. Good luck with your goals. I've just stumbled across your bloag and am really enjoying it :)