Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Day in the Life of a 50's Housewife: Morning

The life of a 50's Housewife was quite different from most modern day wives.  I'd like to take a few minutes to go over her routine and talk a bit about each item.  Originally I was going to do the entire day in one post but just the morning turned out to be pretty long! 

A 50's Housewife Morning:

  • Wake quietly, careful not to disturb the man of the house.
  • Freshen up: Tie your hair back with a ribbon, splash your face with cold water, brush your teeth, and apply lipstick.  Do this first thing!  If you don't you may not bother to do it later, you're on a slippery slope from beautiful bride to dishevelled wife.
  • Prepare and serve breakfast for your husband and children (if applicable).
  • Clean up after breakfast.
  • See your husband off to work.
  • Throw back the covers from the beds.
  • Open the blinds and curtains.
  • Get ready for your day by showering, dressing, fixing your hair and make-up.

OK so my morning does vary from this quite a bit...  Firstly, I do not freshen up first thing in the morning.  Usually I'm putting the kiddos on the bus in my PJ's.  Although I think it wouldn't hurt me to get up a few minutes early, get dressed, brush my teeth and hair.  I would probably feel a lot more refreshed and awake! 

Secondly, my children get on the bus at 7AM so they have to get up much earlier than the hubbs (about 6 O'clock).  Some days hubbs doesn't leave for work until 9.  I do try to keep the kids as quiet as possible so he can sleep undisturbed for a bit longer.  I do that because I know how much I would appreciate it if it were me.

I wake my boys up and lay out their clothes for them, I help the youngest get into his outfit for the day while the oldest has his morning shower (the little one takes his bath the night before).  I make their breakfasts and they eat while watching a bit of cartoons.  While they are eating I pack their lunches (if needed) and get their snacks.  After breakfast they brush their teeth, put on their shoes and make sure their backpacks are ready to go.  If they have gotten ready quickly enough they are allowed to watch a few more minutes of TV while waiting for the bus.  A quick kiss and a hug and they are on their way!

After I get the kids off to school I usually spend some time to myself just getting ready for my own day...  I relax and check Facebook.  Have something to drink and wait for the hubbs to get up.  When he wakes up I do make his breakfast for him!  To be honest I do it for myself as much as I do for him, it makes me feel good to do something nice for him.  Plus, we have our breakfast together and I think it's a great chance for some quality time before we start our busy, hectic days!

When he leaves for work I do throw back the covers because I think they feel more fresh when they've had a little time to air out.  I also open all the blinds because I love the natural light. =)

That's going to have to be enough for tonight, I'm getting to bed much later than I had intended to!  As usual!  >.<  I'm excited to finish the day's list though so I'll post that in the morning hopefully!

I'm curious other housewives out there, how does your morning differ from that of the 50's Housewife?


  1. I admit, I do envy your time alone. As a homeschooling mom, that is something I don't get. As for how our morning are different. Well, my husband works a schedule where he's off 3 days one week, then off 4 days the next, then starts the pattern again. Since he is used to getting up super-early for work days, on his days off, he tends to wake early also. So, he actually gets up and makes coffee and breakfast for our little family. Definitely different from the 50's. But a nice and welcomed difference.

  2. I applaud you for homeschooling! I think mothers that homeschool are amazing, it must take a lot of patience. It's so nice to have a husband that helps out a bit around the house! My hubbs is pretty good about helping out when I ask him to and it's great. That would never have happened in the 50's!

  3. My mornings definitely do not include applying lipstick. I'm up at 6am (same time as husband), wrap a robe around me, wake up the kids, let out the dog, make the coffee, then spend the next twenty to thirty minutes getting the kids ready and making husband's lunch if I didn't do it the night before. Several times a week I lie in bed at night and think "I'm getting up a little earlier to freshen up and make a hot breakfast for everyone." Yeah...hasn't happened yet! Great post!