Monday, February 27, 2012

Who wants free stuff?

Evening Everyone!  I have an exciting announcement that I hope everyone is going to enjoy!  I recently came into the possession of a $20 gift card from  Now if you have been to Amazon before then you will understand how great that is!  They have just about anything for sale that you could possibly want. 

Now I bet you are thinking, "Ooookay, that's great but why should I be excited?"  Because I am giving it away to one of my Facebook likers!  Why you may ask?  Lots of reasons!  Because I am having SO much fun getting to know all of the new and wonderful people that I meet every day.  Because the friends I have made are awesome.  To shamelessly get my page shared?  Maybe...  Most of all because it brings me great joy to make other people happy.  And also, I think it will be fun!

When I got the gift card I started thinking about doing a giveaway.  I just couldn't find any reason to.  Well in four days my FB page will be a month old, I think that will be a fun thing to celebrate.  Also, at the time of typing this up I am at 235 "Likes".  I think it would be fun to make a little game out of this!  So I was originally going to do the giveaway at 250 likes but I think that will be way too easy to get.  Here comes the game part...

If my you, my lovely friends, can help me get to 300 likes before my page hits its one month-aversary then everyone who has liked the page is entered into the drawing and gets a chance at a $20 Amazon gift card!  So share out the page to anyone and everyone you know, help spread the word.  Not only will you have a chance at the card but so will your friends. 

If we pass 300 likes before the 2nd of March(the one month-aversary), anyone who gets their like in before then will also be entered into the drawing.  I am SO excited to see how much fun we can have with this!  Squeeee! 

Good luck to you all and much <3!  A big thank you to each and every one of my likers out there, you guys are so awesome!

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